Law Tigers has both single and multiple exclusive licensee areas available. To view available licensee areas, click here.
Law Tigers is not a fee-split or shared area program. You receive all inquiries, and retain all accident cases and fees generated within your licensed areas.  The Law Tigers is a license/membership program with an annual fee; therefore you own the rights to use of the registered brand, service marks and all marketing resources.
We are unable to predict or guarantee the number of motorcycle accident cases you will retain in a given period of time. However, we can provide you with the motorcycle accidents generated in our company membership areas. To view motorcycle accident case intakes, click here.
The ideal Law Tiger Member has a minimum net worth of $2,000,000 and liquid assets of $1,000,000.
You will have the opportunity to review the Law Tigers Prospectus for information related to financial performance.
Law Tigers is committed to ensuring all members/licensees receive initial and ongoing marketing and operations training. Members have direct access to the marketing and operations support team 24/7.  The Law Tigers is an all-inclusive ready-to-implement marketing program. To view a detailed list, please click here.
With almost all states now allowing lawyers to advertise under a trade name, you can be part of a nationally recognized brand that injured motorcyclists recognize and trust.
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