Law Tigers Marketing and Operations Training & Support

One of the most important attributes of the Law Tigers program is the comprehensive training and support provided to licensees. The brand is supported by a world class team of marketing and operations management professionals who consistently develop, test, measure and implement new marketing tools and processes. Law Tigers utilizes the highest standard of operational procedures to maximize motorcycle case intake and profitability.

Dedicated support team members provide:

  • Classroom and “hands-on” licensee immersion program
  • Customized management software, report templates and financial administration tools
  • Local marketing agent recruitment and management support
  • Professionally designed national and local marketing tools: Print Ads, Digital, TV Commercials, Outdoor Billboard, Mobile Graphics, and Promotional Product Giveaways
  • Hands-on assistance with all aspects of setting up and managing the Law Tigers marketing program, including extensive marketing and business licensee manuals

Law Tigers also manages a cooperative advertising and marketing fund to support members, ensuring the brand is recognized both locally and nationally.

The Law Tigers Marketing program encompasses every facet of reaching motorcyclists. As a Member you will benefit from the following:

High Definition TV commercials

  • Creative, Production, Local Tagging, Station Placement and Traffic Management
  • Click to view our latest commercials, “The Convergence” and “The Destination

Outdoor Billboard

  • Creative, Production, Local Tagging, Board Placement and Management

Print Ads

  • Creative, Production, Placement for motorcycle related magazines, newsletters, event brochures, etc.

Digital Marketing

  • National Website
    • Member/licensee featured pages
    • Mobile Accident App
    • Live Chat Accident inquiries emailed directly to licensee (by licensee area)
    • Accident and Contact Inquiries emailed directly tolicensee (by licensee area)
    • Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Blog
  • Social Media
    • Facebook, national page and member pages
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
  • Digital Advertising
    • Paid Advertising Campaigns
    • Co-Branding/Banner Ads on industry related websites
    • Web Link Exchange Program
    • National Event Sponsorship Online Ads
    • Visitor Retargeting Campaigns
    • Event Data Capture (email addresses)
    • Email campaigns

Telecommunications Management

  • National Toll-Free 1-800-LawTigers
    • Inbound calls (by membership area) routed directly to the Licensee’s telephone number (no call screening)
    • Real-time online access to call activity and reporting features (by licensee area)

Promotional Products

  • The Law Tigers has developed and maintains numerous market appropriate promotional items for distribution at various motorcycle related venues

Learn more about the role of marketing plays in our turnkey system here.


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