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Tom Métier, Esq. CO, WY & NE • Member since 2007

Digital Advertising

Our Digital Marketing team utilizes technology to gain new business online and track results in real time.  Potential clients are now using the internet more than ever before to work, research, find services, make purchases, and entertain themselves. With the presence of online reviews, and the ubiquitous nature of search engines, it is imperative that Law Tigers has a strong presence online. The Digital marketing team covers everything from upper-funnel branding activities such as Facebook and Instagram, to lower-funnel direct response marketing such as highly targeted Google advertising.  Our team nurtures and educate prospective clients throughout the marketing funnel utilizing e-mail lists, re-targeting, programmatic display, social media engagement, and pushing one-to-one content. Law Tigers effectively reaches their audience online through real-time marketing mix optimization, allocating spend to the most efficient channels and campaigns. This enables Law Tigers licensees to obtain signed cases at an optimal cost per lead, based on projected Return On Investment . The social media efforts consist of original branded content, influencer marketing, curated articles, photos, and videos that constantly increase user response and brand recognition. By utilizing Google A.I. machine learning and other proprietary data sources, the Law Tigers team are able to identify trends and gather data to create online campaigns targeted to those most likely to become a signed case.

Search Ranking
Search Ranking


Law Tigers significantly increases motorcycle cases for membership firms year after year.

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