“The Law Tigers team has been supportive and engaged every step of the way and are dedicated to helping our business thrive.”

Tom Métier, Esq. CO, WY & NE • Member since 2007

Grass Roots Marketing

Our Grass Roots Marketing efforts are handled by our marketing managers who then increase word of mouth referrals to a larger audience. This aspect of our marketing strategy is most effective as we target those who are heavily engaged within the motocycle industry.  By engaging with our target demographic in their comfort zone,  we create personal face-to-face relationships that then become loyal advocates of the brand. Law Tigers effectively sponsors, hosts, and attends various national, regional, and local motorcycle events year round. At these events, the Law Tigers marketing managers are out and about, conversing with motorcycle riders and building genuine relationships. If these riders are ever injured in an accident or know someone who is, the Law Tigers brand is top-of-mind. The marketing managers also spend a significant amount of time connecting with motorcycle dealerships, repair shops, clubs, schools, and towing companies. These relationships create trust and loyalty, as well as strong top-of-mind awareness among customers and prospects.  As a result of these practices, the motorcycle industry insiders become a constant referral service.

Local Marketing Managers

  • Local Marketing Manager

  • Law Tigers Promotional Van

  • Connecting with Motorcycle dealers, repair shops, clubs, and towing companies

  • Motorcycle Shop Displays

The Motorcycle Community

  • National motorcycle events

  • Regional motorcycle events

  • Local motorcycle events

Promotional Items

  • Useful high-quality promotional merchandise

  • Designed for extended shelf-life in the hands of riders and industry staff

  • Cost effective national purchasing power

Community Service & Public Relations

  • Stolen and Hit and Run Motorcycle Reward program

  • Local safety & training programs

  • Fundraisers, Contests, Concerts, Parades

  • Community Support and Outreach

Brand Representatives & Sponsorships

  • Brand Representatives

  • Flat track races

  • Motocross – Endurocross races

  • Bike weeks

  • Motorcycle swap meets

Mascot & Models


Law Tigers significantly increases motorcycle cases for membership firms year after year.

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